Burundi is an independent state located in Eastern Africa. It borders on Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Registering a company in Burundi will be a good idea for those who want to expand the business or launch a startup in the African country. The country is a member of the Group of 77, African Union, international organization of ACP countries and African Development Bank. Export relations have been established with the EU countries for the supply of coffee, tea, cotton and leather products.

Types of Companies and Required Documents

In Burundi, types of companies that can be registered are: Sole Owner Company (SU), Partnership with Limited Liability (SPRL), Limited Company (SA), Limited Liability Cooperative (Cooperative) :

1. Sole Owner (SU)
– Physical presence of the Company Sole shareholder.
– 2 passport size photographs.
– ID copy (for Nationals) / 1 Passport copy (For Foreigners).
– Fees: 40,000 BIF = 25 USD.
– Forms to fill.

2. Partnership with Limited Liability (SPRL): Minimum 2 Shareholders

3. Limited Company (SA): Minimum 3 Shareholders
For either case photographs are not required, and the procedures are identical.
– The physical presence of all shareholders or a proxy from each one of them appointing you as their representative (or any other shareholder).
– ID copy (for Nationals) / 1 Passport copy (For Foreigners) of all the shareholders (in case one can’t, a certified true copy to the original of the ID/ passport is a must including a notarized proxy).
– Fees: 40,000 BIF = 25 USD
– Forms to fill.

4. Limited Liability Cooperative
– The presence of Chairperson of the Board of Directors.
– ID copy (for Nationals) / 1 Passport copy (For Foreigners) (in case one can’t, a certified true copy to the original of the ID/ passport is a must including a notarized proxy).
– Notarized minutes that appointed him along with the list of the cooperative members.
At the end of the procedure that takes less than 8 hours, you will be given the following documents:
– A trade Registry.
– Your company statues.
– Tax Identification Number (TIN).

How we can help you

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