Opening your business in Cape Verde is not only fast and affordable, Cape Verde government has many systems in place to ensure that foreign investors will enjoy many advantages. These include very convenient fiscal incentives and specific benefits for investing in certain industries.

Opening a Business in Cape Verde

ompanies with a mind to produce and export out of Cape Verde are encouraged, as you shall see in the incentives listed below. This way, Cape Verde is looking to balance its trade deficit, which is a result of the country’s limited production capabilities, especially in the agricultural sector. With a highly productive and readily available workforce, Cape Verde is an ideal place to either invest in hotel buildings or develop a manufacturing enterprise. An economy in constant growth and development, Cape Verde has commonly been singled out as a new land of opportunity for visionary business people from all over the world.


– Government Warranty
– Non-0discriminatory policy
– Protection of property and upholding of rights
– 100% repatriation of earned profits and freedom to open and maintain bank account
Hiring of expatriate workers is allowed

Fiscal Incentives

– 0% tax on shareholder profits for 5 years and/or whenever they are reinvested
– 0% tax on amortisations and interest on financial transactions that represent a foreign direct investment
– Stable Fiscal System (Personal Income Tax of 10% after the 6th year in business, unless there is a more favourable agreement between Cape Verde and the country of the recipient investor).

Duty Free Enterprises (Special Tax System)

– 0% tax on duties, tariffs or other levies on profits for the first ten years
– After the first 10 years, such tax cannot surpass 15% of profits
– Customs duties and excise duty exemption for imports of equipment, construction material, fuel and lubricant for manufacturing
– Special tax system for import of raw materials and others
– Duty free export.

Export-orientated Companies under Regular Tax System

– Reduced corporate tax for the first 5 years
– Tax exemption on raw materials, finished and unfinished goods used to produce export-orientated goods and services
– Imports made for the production of export-orientated commodities is customs duty free
– Freedom to export the goods manufactured
– Special incentives for specific sectors


– All customs duties exemption on import of goods, equipment and materials as listed
– Corporate tax exemption on revenue generated by new industrial units for 3 years
– Freedom to export the goods manufactured
– Corporate tax deduction on reinvested profits.


– Customs duties exemption on the import of materials for building and running hotels and tourist facilities.
– Corporate tax exemption: 100% exemption for the first 5 years and 50% for the next 10 years
– Tax rates deduction on profits reinvested in similar activities;
– Deduction of tax rate on taxable expenditures associated with the training of local workers
– Freedom to export manufactured goods.

Surely, with all these incentives, benefits and opportunities, opening your Cape Verde business will be well-worth 24-hours of smooth bureaucracy.

How we can help you

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