Gabon is an independent state located in the Central Africa on the Atlantic coast. The National parks and natural landscapes of the country are protected from poaching and deforestation. Gabon borders on Congo, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. The state is a member of such international organizations as ACT and WIPO.

Registering a company in Gabon

If you are interested in registering a company in Gabon and opening a corporate account with a Gabonese bank, please note that:

– Since the country was a French colony, French entrenched as the state language.
– The official currency is CFA Franc;
– Gabon is considered as one of the richest and safest countries of the African continent

Business Benefits

Setting up a company in Gabon remotely can be a profitable solution, according to the following business advantages of the country:

– The 3rd largest exporter of oil in Africa;
– Large deposits of gas, uranium and manganese ores;
– A high level of education;
– An abundance of valuable tropical wood, including sandalwood, red, black and yellow wood;
– Coffee, cocoa, cane sugar and palm oil production;
– Rubber production;
– A developed livestock industry.

Legal Forms

Those, who are planning to open a company in Gabon, can choose one of the following business entity types.
– SA (PLC)
– RO in Lisbon
– Branch

When registering a FZ LLC in Gabon, you can enjoy tax holidays up to 10 years.

Tax Regime of Gabon

A corporate tax rate is 30%. If you want to open a mining company in Gabon or to register a Gabonese oil company you will be subject to tax of 35%;
VAT is 18%;
WHT on interest payments, royalties and dividends are 20%.

Tax exemptions are applicable in free trade zones. If you decide to register a company in Gabon, you should know that there are no preferences for employees of private enterprises (provision of housing, transport, etc.)

Registration Requirements

In order to set up a company in Gabon remotely and open an account for a Gabonese company, you will need to fulfil the following conditions:

– At least two directors and shareholders (can be non-residents);
– No requirements for financial reporting, but there is a public register of beneficiaries;
– A registered office is required.

Terms of opening an Gabonese company is up to 3 months. Terms of setting up a FZ LLC in Gabon is up to 4 months.

How we can help you

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