If you are interested in forming a new corporation or transferring an existing one, incorporating offshore in Barbados may what you are looking for. How easy and beneficial the process is depends on the jurisdiction selected for incorporation. For instance, incorporating a business in Barbados is an easy process. Barbados houses a government agency that works through agents to assist those in forming offshore corporations in its jurisdiction. The agency attempts to attract offshore investments to its country. Furthermore, the agency also provides assistance in several categories to aid offshore business owners and investors through the process of incorporation.

Benefits of Forming a Company in Barbados

Barbados offers several bonuses for business owners looking to register their company or limited company within its jurisdiction. Some of these benefits include:

– Duty-free options that help to lower typical business process and manufacturing expenses, mostly through the import duty exemption.
– A concept called the “Ten-Year Tax Holiday,” which means exemption from Barbados taxes for ten years. After that decade passes, the company or limited company is expected to pay a 2.5% tax rate.
– Annual tax returns are not required to be filed each year in Barbados.
– Full assistance to the company and limited company owners at no cost, provided by the organization in Barbados that assists corporations with investment and development.

What to Consider When Forming Your Corporation in Barbados

– Pay close attention to the kind of company you are utilizing for your business. Whatever type of company you are attempting to form, along with the items or services you are promoting, you may register your company either as a limited liability company (LLC) or International Business Company (IBC).
– Asset protection and privacy is another benefit sought in Barbados. You can open a bank account in the name of your Barbados corporation and be assured of significant freedom from prying eyes.
– As far as liability in Barbados, those become the responsibilities of the owner and company partners until a corporation is formed. For this reason, most company or limited company owners would rather form a corporation in Barbados when doing business. Forming a corporation in this jurisdiction forms a separate entity, transferring the liability for business away from the owners into the corporation itself. So, forming a corporation removes most of the business liability concerns away from the shareholders.
– For those who decide to incorporate under the Barbados International Business Company (IBC) regulations, there are some supportive laws in place to stimulate economic development in the country. For example, with the extremely low labour costs, if your company or limited company plans to participate in manufacturing, trade, or commerce offshore, forming a corporation is the right move. In order to receive maximum financial and development support from the Barbados government, much of the activity should occur in Barbados with international exportation being a primary goal.

How To Incorporate in Barbados

– After you have selected your name and researched it to ensure that it is an option, this organization will reserve that name along with two other possible name options, listing those names by order of preference.
– Next, the legal department will submit your triple name selection to the proper government agencies.
– Thankfully, Barbados possess an efficient and easy process, so the incorporation process is completed quickly and efficiently.
– After submission, your selected names are scanned by the government to check their status. Within three days, this agency will receive the form back with information about what names are acceptable. Your first available name choice is selected.
– The corporate articles of formation are drafted with your company name. The documents are filed and the address, directors and secretarial appointments are selected.
– Once these items are in the hands of the government registrar, the agency officials file them. The company is then given a company number on, and both the Articles and Certificate of Incorporation. This step takes up to twenty days to turnaround.
– Finally, if you have formed a local company as opposed to an offshore one, once fees are paid and the company number is provided, you need to make sure you register your company for its tax status. This step is completed through the tax department.
– Again, if the company doing business on the island itself, once your tax number is made available to your limited company, make sure to submit the VAT Registration form and the Certificate of Incorporation to the VAT Division of Customs and Excise Department to finish the process of registering your tax status.

How we can help you

If you are considering forming a business or you need expert help with company registration in Barbados, LegalGenius™ is ready to assist you with its skilled team of lawyers, consultants and tax experts. We are committed to making the process as stress-free and streamlined as possible for you, and we will take care of all your document preparation and administrative tasks regarding the registration forms, payment of government fees, local address registration, banking support, etc., whilst always keeping your exact objectives and unique vision in mind throughout the process.

Please use our Company Formation Wizard if you would like to set up your registered company in Barbados or if you would like to know the costs involved prior to proceeding with our exceptional services. For other queries and special requests for complex or customised company formation services, please contact us at legal@7geniusgroup.com