Congo is an independent republic with a democratic government which lies between Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) and forms part of the West Central African Region. The Congo Brazzaville seeks to attract foreign investment on its territory with the aim of diversifying its sources of development. With its rich natural resources, the country doesn`t lack in attractions. The country is attracting more and more foreign investors, such as China, Europe, in search of oil or minerals.

Openness to Foreign Investment

In order to create a business in the Republic of Congo, investors must provide the CFE (“Centre de Formalites des Entreprises”) two copies of the company by-laws, two copies of capitalization documents (i.e. Bank’s letter or Affidavit), a copy of the company’s investment strategy, the company approved financial statement (if available), and ownership documents or lease agreements for the company’s office in ROC.

The CFE is designed to provide all services under one roof in order to facilitate the opening and closing of businesses.

CFE has offices in Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, N’kayi, Ouesso and Dolisie.

The Investment Charter, established by Law 6–2003 on January 18, 2003, offers a range of guarantees to foreign investors including no discrimination or disqualification on types of investment and equal justice under Congolese law.

The cost of registering a business depends on the type of company one is trying to register. Registration fees range from USD $244 for a small company with a capitalization below two thousand dollars, to USD $4,444 for a large company with a capitalization that exceeds two hundred thousand dollars.

A local partner is not required to start up a business in Congo. The entire business registration process should take an average of three weeks, according to the CFE’s Secretary General. There are additional government licensing and permit requirements, depending on the nature of the business.

Congo has an investment code adopted in 1994 that provides a framework to protect investments and investors. In addition, Congo is party to OHADA (Organisation pour l’harmonisation du droits des affairs en Afrique), a type of commercial code for 16 African countries that governs investments and business practices. (Members include all countries that are members of ECOWAS and CEMAC as well as Mauritius and Madagascar).

OHADA registration applies to all countries in the zone.

How we can help you

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